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Stand Pipes

Stand Pipes take the effort out of using Rainwater!

The weight of carrying watering cans between your decorative water butt and your vegetable patch can be a major disincentive to using rainwater in the garden. One solution is to pump the rainwater, particularly useful if you have either a large water butt, rain tank, or a series of interconnected tanks or decorative water butts. Once you have over 500 litres of water stored, a pump may be a good option to consider, particularly for those hot summer's days when a 10-litre watering can seem to weigh more than its usual 10kg!. 

Certainly, if you have opted for an underground tank, then a rainwater pump is the essential option. 

Another option is to store water at a high elevation, but this is a matter of the way the land lies at your house or premises and is usually not possible. If you wish to discuss options please contact us, or have a look at our Long Link Kits to see if the Filtered rainwater can be fed to a tank a little way away from the house. 

At the end of the pump line, or if using mains water, a Watering Post can make life far easier. Attractive features in their own right, they can be a real time and energy saver for you and for your back. They can be positioned almost anywhere in the modern garden, or a deck, on concrete, or buried in the soft landscaping, even in a lawn. 

Why not make life a little bit easier for yourself?